Q: Where are you located?
A: We're based in Detroit but we do a lot of our work at a makerspace called i3 in Ferndale, Michigan.

Q: Can I have a custom piece of jewelry made?
A: Absolutely! We love creating custom pieces and we'd be happy to work with you. Give us a call when you're ready to invest in a truly one of a kind heirloom that will express your own uniqueness.

Q: How should I take care of my jewelry?
A: It's normal for certain metals to tarnish over time. It won't hurt anything and it give some pieces an antique look that a lot of our customers prefer. If you'd like to keep things bright and shiny, clean your jewelry gently with a polishing cloth. These cloths contain a very mild abrasive agent and are made especially for jewelry.


Q: Does your jewelry contain any nickel? I'm allergic!
A: Nope! You needn't worry about any of our jewelry containing nickel. We're not big fans of it either.

Q: Why is my skin turning green?
A: Copper can patina when it comes into contact with air and moisture. It changes color and can stain your skin. It shouldn't be anything to worry about, but do remove any copper or brass jewelry before jumping in the shower or washing your hands, etc.